Prediction Date : 29-2-2020


Uh-oh. Beware of a respiratory infection. Avoid crowds and public transport. It would be best if you had a mask on your face today.


Gemini looking for an opportunity to start a new business will have a great opportunity to do so in the following period, with real estate and promising most success. Gemini that are already employed should avoid taking great business risks in this period and play it safe.


There are some turbulent times ahead when it comes to emotions. You should embrace what you feel and be free to communicate that with your friends or romantic partner, otherwise the emotions will overwhelm you and leave you drained.


Single Gemini may have an unexpected meeting with an old love interest which may grow into something more. Taken Gemini should be more open with their partners when it comes to emotions, or they risk their partner losing interest.


Lucky numbers in this period are 11, 23 and 29. Try your luck with horse racing.


Mediterranean destinations such as Italy or Cyprus would help you recharge your batteries.