Prediction Date : 13-12-2018


You are going into mental overdrive and need to quit the coffee, chocolate, and other stimulants. Tonight you need some soothing chamomile tea, a long bath and a good book to unwind.


A time when you need a second, third and even fourth opinion, the more the better, Gemini will not take one person or source's word for it no matter how well regarded they are, you are after the full story, warts and all.


Sharing is the key to understanding emotions, so remember the adage, “A problem shared is a problem halved.”


In new relationships it is all about conversation and the sharing of ideas, the more you exchange wit and wisdom, jokes and anecdotes the better, love without banter is simply not going to get off the starting block right now.


Look for facts and be analytical to find your luck.


Travel during the evening for a get together is favoured.