Prediction Date : 17-10-2019


It is very likely that your weak spot is going to be your head, so headaches are to be expected. Do your best to maintain proper hydration today.


It is very possible that today is the day that big things are going to happen in your career. You need to put your best foot forward and show how you get your work done.


Spending some time with a family member that you haven’t seen in a long time or a friend is going to be very good for your emotional health. Do a fun activity together.


Taken Gemini signs need to slow it down a bit. If you have been dating for less than a year, there really is no need to even think about marriage. Single Gemini signs might get along with a witty Aries today.


The numbers 8, 77, 64, 19 and 27 are your lucky numbers today. Don’t invest in the stock market.


The ideal place for you to visit is going to be Pakistan. Especially if you are a lover of good, spicy food!