Prediction Date : 29-2-2020


You will have issues with your bones, try not to break something and take slow and careful steps. Other signs would have no problems.


At work, you may have some difficulty. After a long streak of bad luck your financial situation is about to change big time.


There is tension in the air and you can feel it all around. Feeling grounded is what you’re looking for during these tumultuous days.


If you are single you are going to enjoy an encounter with a Leo. Buckle up, some fiery energy is coming your way. Taken Libras should make sure not to be too dependent on their partners.


Your lucky numbers are 2, 43, 13 and 21. Grab something blue and cozy to wear for some extra luck.


Your ideal place to travel is southern Spain, you will fall in love with the warm weather and the people.