Prediction Date : 15-10-2018


Your health state, fitness level and overall well being status is likely to see a good improvement today. Positive influences should be felt by natives of Scorpio, your strength is likely to go up and new projects might be started.


Bills may be piling up and your overall finances could seem to be taking a hit, watch out for any dangers in terms of expenses. Prudence might not always be a strong characteristic of Scorpio when it comes to financial matters but you have to take charge and stay strong, better days are ahead.


A short journey you’ve planned with your dear ones will turn out to be very enjoyable and exhilarating. You may misunderstand someone close and suffer from depressing thoughts about them.


Scorpio horoscope today inclines to advise prudence, don’t go head first into relationships of any kind, get all the facts and act afterward. Keep an eye out, be prudent especially when meeting new persons that seem to be too good to be true.


You will be lucky today. You will be successful in whatever you wish to pursue.


Trips with friends and family to nature spots will most likely make you more energetic and lively.