Prediction Date : 15-10-2018


Maintain your fitness and health, problems could be present around the corner today, better be on your toes. Time to stop laying around, be more active, pick up some healthy habits and run with them.


A feeling of satisfaction is likely to turn this day into a good day in terms of your financial status. Cost of living may have been high this past period, but your Leo horoscope inclines for a more favorable time in terms of available money.


Don't pity yourself; instead try to control your emotions through self-confidence and determination. You will find yourself feeling excessively emotional and responding to others in erratic ways.


You might be in the process of recovery from a forced separation, Leo horoscope for today suggests caution in new adventures. Although it may seem like a struggle, keep on interacting, stay positive as better days are up ahead.


Today is an auspicious day. It is an excellent day to close any deals and sign important contracts.


You may have to postpone your trips due to some hindrances. There may be some discomfort to be faced while travelling.